Go project layout

Melody integrates with the standard $GOPATH layout that you’ve been using, you just need to add Melody.{toml|lock} files at the root of your project:

├── Melody.lock
├── Melody.toml
├── main.go
├── ...
└── vendor/...


Both configuration and lockfile are in TOML configuration format. Please take a look at Melody.toml for this repository for an example with inline documentation on how to get started.


The lockfile is auto-generated and should not be modified by hand. We highly recommend committing this file into your repository to enable repeatable outcome of melody install.


The vendor directory is managed by Melody and will contain all of your dependencies as specified in Melody.toml and locked via Melody.lock. We make no assumptions on whether you want to commit your dependencies into your repository, or restore them via melody install.